Cashmere Baby Blanket ?C Pure Cashmere Baby Blanket from Cashmere Pashmina Group



Cashmere- The fabric is comprised of 100% Pure Cashmere Wool which is 3-Ply thick. (Unfolded):Approximately 41 inches in length and 37 inches in width.(Folded)18X13X0.5 inches Our pure Cashmere luxurious, ultra soft and warm Cashmere Baby Blanket collection is not woven, instead it is delicately knitted from the best Cashmere Yarn to provide more warmth and comfort to the soft baby skin. The ends are neatly trimmed with subtle knit piping. These are delicately knitted from the finest Cashmere Yarns, which makes it ultra soft and is unbelievably lightweight against baby’s delicate skin. These cuddly soft pure cashmere blankets are 41 in long and 37 inch wide Our Cashmere baby blankets are knitted from finest cashmere yarn and are three (3) Ply thick. Since these blankets are pure Cashmere, they can be hand washed like regular cashmere sweater in cold water using gentle soap. Please do not machine wash them. If you prefer, you can dry clean these blankets too. These are knitted in Nepal. Our ultra soft Cashmere baby blankets are a classic choice for baby shower gifts. These blankets are Perfect Gift for baby shower, maternity, infant birthday, baby gift registry and new born gift, baptism and christening. Our cashmere baby blanket is a one of the most thoughtful, luxurious and wonderful gift to welcome the new baby into the world. It adds a touch of luxury to baby’s stroller or bassinet, cradle or Moses basket, and will be just as memorable as a baby??s first smile or first steps, and be a treasured gift for baby that lasts a lifetime. Our pure Cashmere Baby Blankets are best Baby Gifts ever. This ultra soft and warm pure cashmere baby blanket can be used year around. They are easy to carry anytime, anywhere. This baby blanket is the best gift for pregnant women and new born babies. Cuddle up your precious one in our soft and warm cashmere blanket. These comfortable and warm blankets are available in 3 classic colors ?C baby blue, baby pink and light green. Cashmere baby blankets offer the following benefits for keeping babies comfortable in all weather. Breathable material:The wool keeps body heat in during cold weather but allows the body to maintain a comfortable temperature in warmer weather without overheating. Softness:The blanket is soft and will not irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. In fact, the blanket gets softer with age and washings. Durable:The blanket should last for years as the child grows and can even be passed to siblings?See more product details


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