DocDurham Sleep Sack Organic Cotton Baby Sleep Sack It’s a Wearable Blanket- Baby Sleeping Bag! White



Organic Cotton BREAKTHROUGH! The problem with a baby blanket or gown is that many times your LO will kick it off of them during the night and get chilled, or worse yet, it will get wrapped around their neck and cause an accident! The DOCDURHAM sleep sack soves this problem! How? Because our sleep sack is a wearable blanket that stays in place keeping the ultra soft organic cotton next to your baby’s skin all night long so they are safe, cozy, and comfortable. OUTSTANDING! Why do Amazon customers give the DOCDURHAM sleep sack five star ratings? It’s simple! It has a high quality zipper that zips from the bottom so you can change a diaper without waking up your LO allowing both of you to get more sleep! TOP QUALITY! Because our Sleep Sack is made from 100% light weight ultra-soft Organic Cotton, it is exceptionally breathable. This is great because it means your newborn baby will sleep better and so will YOU! DISCOUNTED PRICE! Moms like you love that we have discounts on multiple purchases so you can buy several and always have a fresh one on hand when those spit-ups, spills, and accidents come along. This is one zen clothing deal for your little girl or boy. BETTER SLEEP! Because the DOCDURHAM sleep sack doesn’t swaddle with loud ripping Velcro, you won’t have to worry about it sliding up or down and becoming a health hazard to your LO and you won’t wake them up if you need to change them during the night. This is great because you will sleep better knowing your infant is sleeping better!


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