emb?? 2-Way Starter Swaddle Blanket 5-14 lbs Diaper Change wo Unswaddling Legs in and Out Design Warm Up or Cool Down 100% Cotton 0-3 Months



100% Cotton THE WORLD’S ONLY LEGS IN AND OUT SWADDLE SACK! – Patented technology. No other arms in swaddler or sleep sack in the entire world can offer the versatility of legs in warmth, legs out cooling and heat dissipation to help keep your newborn baby girl or baby boy from dangerously overheating. USA Hospitals and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU Baby) Preferred. Safe sleeping environment. SIZE: 5-14lbs, approx 0-3 months old. Swaddle blanket for girl. 0-3 swaddle sack for boy, gender neutral. THE SAFEST SWADDLERS! – Safer than traditional burrito wrap methods. emb?? swaddle wrap sacks snuggle arms in, arms down, keeping infants from getting arms up, arms out, or hands up and startling awake. Safer alternative to loose muslin blankets or receiving blankets that can cover nose and mouth. No rise neckline collar keeps fabric secure in place. 3 adjustable swaddle lengths (small – medium – large) ensure it’s never too long, eliminates loose fabric that can rise up or baby can sink into. EASY SWADDLE DIAPER CHANGES WITHOUT UNSWADDLING – All our swaddle collections allow for effortless diaper changing, without the need to remove or unswaddle baby, so you don’t disturb their precious sleep. Our revolutionary swaddle design keeps baby swaddled and snuggled during a diaper change, preventing hands from getting near their diaper. This keeps them asleep and napping. Simply unsnap at the chest and pull the leg pouch down for diaper access, making that midnight diaper change a breeze! HIP HEALTHY SWADDLE! – emb??’s award-winning, best swaddles are designated Hip-Healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Our generous heart-shaped leg pouch supports proper hip health and leg development. Arms only swaddle strap can be used legs out by babies with a pavlik harness, clubfoot boots and bar, brace, or spica cast. 100% NATURAL BREATHABLE CLASSIC COTTON – No Synthetics added. Water-based dyes. No Lead. No Phthalates. CPSC Tested. Vel Crowe. WHY SWADDLE? – Tight swaddling mimics a mothers’ womb, soothing babies with womb-like, snuggleme warmth and swaddleme security. Tighter is safer as loose fabric can become a sleep hazard. By swaddling, baby can sleep soundly, with less interruptions, and avoid being woken too soon from sleep. Better than a zip up swaddle or zippered sleepsack. emb?? newborn swaddle blanket is lite and versatile. Ready to swaddle up in size, try our Stage 2 Transition Swaddle Out, with arms in or arms out options.?See more product details


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